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We have transformed the way financial and payments data is collected and accessed, making it easily searchable, secure and app ready.

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AUGUST 5, 2021

Pentadata Announces Agreement with Finicity Open Banking Platform

Pentadata developer platform to access consumer-permissioned data from Finicity to deliver…

JULY 29, 2021

Pentadata Announces Open Finance Integration with Akoya

Data Joint Venture including Chase, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo signs Pentadata Open Banking API Agreement

JULY 6, 2021

Put Data Ownership Where It Belongs: With The Consumer

In the world of digital commerce, there are lots of parties who’ve long had access to information…

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Data Consent

No data is transferred to Pentadata subscribers without a valid permission “opt-in” from a consumer, merchant or issuer. Ensure your datasets are available for third-party developers to use.