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Card Enrollment

When a card is enrolled (registered 16-digit number, also known as Primary Account Number or PAN)

  • For security issues, the subscriber must enter the PAN on our secure website interface after logging in.


The request payload will contain:

  • The PAN (16 digits), “pan”.
  • Cardholder’s first name, “firstName”.
  • Cardholder’s last name, “lastName”.
  • Expiration month (2 digits), “expMonth”.
  • Expiration year (2 digits), “expYear”.
  • The country code, “countryCode”. E.g., “USA”.

For example:

In cUrl:

curl –X POST \
# all headers here, with JTW
-d ‘{\
“firstName”: “Jane”,\
“lastName”: “Doe”,\
“expMonth”: 11,\
“countryCode”: “USA”\

In Python

endpoint = '/card'
payload = {
'PAN': 4444444444441111,
'expMonth': 1,
'expYear': 2023,
'firstName': 'Jane',
'lastName': 'Doe',
'countryCode': 'USA',
headers = {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'Authorization': f'Bearer {JWT}',
resp = requests.post(
URL + endpoint,

If the enrollment operation succeeds, the response message should be the following:

“error”: null,
“message”: “Card linked”,
“cardId”: 81348

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