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GET /accounts/:id/transactions

List all Transactions objects for any individual Account.

Note. This endpoint counts towards your API usage limit for the Transactionz product, as one call.


Name Value
Authorization Bearer {token}

URL Parameters


Key Required Comment
fromDate No String. Date in format YYYYMMDD (or YYYYMMDDhhmmss), UTC.
toDate No String. Date in format YYYYMMDD (or YYYYMMDDhhmmss), UTC.
limit Defaults to 100. Int. Maximum number of results. Disabled in sandbox.
offset Defaults to 0. Int. To paginate the results. Disabled in sandbox.
pending No Boolean. To get authorization set it to “true”. Defaults to “false” returns settlements data.



Name Value
total int. Can be used for pagination.
transactions List of JSON objects.
transactions[].amount Float. Amount of the transaction.
transactions[].transactionId Int
transactions[].cardId Int
transactions[].accountId Int
transactions[].merchantName String.
transactions[].category list of string. Values in the list can be, e.g., “restaurants”, “electronics”.
transactions[].currency String.
transactions[].pending Boolean.
transactions[].location string.

Status Code


Code Comment
200 Request OK.
400 Input data not correct.
401 User not authorized.

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