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POST /persons/:id/authenticate

Send consumer PII to verify identity. This will return set of authentication questions used to verify the consumer.

Note. This endpoint counts towards your API usage limit for the Auth product, as one call.


Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {token}


Key Required Comment
first_name Yes str
last_name Yes str.
address Yes str
city Yes str
postal_code Yes str
state Yes str
country Yes str
ssn Yes str. Last 4 digits of the social security number.
dob Yes str. YYYY-MM-DD.
phone Yes str


Key Value
questions JSON. Authentication questions used for /persons/:id/verify
questions[].questionId Required for /persons/:id/verify
questions[].fullQuestionText Question text to display to the consumer
questions[].answerChoice JSON array
questions[].answerChoice[].answerChoiceText The text to display as answer option.
questions[].answerChoice[].answerId Required for /persons/:id/verify
fulfillment_key Required for /persons/:id/verify
person_id The new ID for this person, after authentication.

Status Code

Code Comment
200 Request OK. Return set of questions with fulfillment_key.
202 Request OK. Person was already authenticated.
400 Error in payload.
401 Personal information belong to a different person.
403 Cannot authenticate this information.

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