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POST /persons/:id/verify

Send answers to authentication questions. This will return additional authentication questions or authenticated status.



Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {token}



Key Required Comment
answers Yes JSON array. Each object has keys “questionId” and “answerId”. E.g., [{“questionId”: “00001”, “answerId”: “0000A”}]
fulfillment_key Yes string. Received from /persons/:id/authenticate.


Key Value
questions JSON array. Same format as in the response of /persons/:id/authenticate. These are more questions to be answered.
Null unless status code is 200.
fulfillment_key string. Must be used in another call to /person/:id/verify if more questions need answer.
Null unless status code is 200.
verified boolean.

Status Code


Code Comment
200 Verification OK, but more questions are prompted that need answers.
202 Verification completed. Income information complete.
203 Verification complete. Income information incomplete.
400 Wrong payload format.
401 Person not authenticated yet.
403 Not able to verify person.

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