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Webhooks (also called “alerts”) are additional ways that you have to receive real-time notification about events happening to objects that you have enrolled.


  1. Create an alert for transactions on an enrolled cards: POST /cards/:id/alerts

Developers: things to keep in mind

First of all, you must tell us the URL you want to receive the alerts at. Check the reference for this endpoint, to look at the data format.

The URL must be an active endpoint, secured via SSL. We will only send data to via HTTPS connection.

Furthermore, you need a way to make sure that it’s really us sending the data. We will add to the headers the value

'Pentadata-Key': <Your-Alert-Token>

You can check your alert token from you dashboard and compare it with the one in the alert. When you move to production, we’d be happy to encrypt the alert token with your public key, if you have one.

Finally, even though the alerting system runs over HTTPS protocol, we don’t wait for any response from you. If you have any internal error and the alert is lost in your system, then you can try catching it with the GET /cards/:id/transactions endpoint.

Dev Tip: If you need to test the alerting system but do not have a URL in your server ready for it, then you can use a free service such as https://requestbin.com/. The webhook URL should look like this: https://requestbin.com/r/en8alh23lkg5p

Keep in mind that when you move to production we will not allow these type of solutions.

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