MerchantSightâ„¢ API by Pentadata

  • Better Engage: Boost consumer engagement by correctly displaying merchant names and locations in your app. Does INDX##STB103 mean anything to you? To us it means Starbucks, 103 Indiana St., Duluth, GA. (And to your users it means a more satisfying experience.)
  • It’s Easy: We take away the guesswork for you and your consumers. Our machine learning and algorithm delivers the correct name, Google ID, and Yelp ID almost every time.
  • Clean Up Your Payments, PFM and Offers Data: Does your app do payments, personal financial management, offers or card-linked offers? If so, you know the data you get from providers like Plaid and Square is unreliable and difficult to use. Our API cleans up your payment and offers data. You can even use it to match your cash-back offers to specific merchants.

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