Consumer Privacy Laws Expanding Nationwide – Are You Ready?

 In Card Spend, Consumer Spending, Historical Transactions


Consumer spending trends and rewards program activity have drastically changed since the pandemic began. As buyers habits have shifted (more time spent at home, more shopping online), data from and for loyalty programs is more important than ever to help make sure sellers serve up what consumers need.


One trend is giving consumers power: Letting them opt-in before their data is shared. Giving them ability to pause participation in subscription-based loyalty programs when the need arises. And enabling them to benefit more directly from the information about them accessed by advertisers and others.


Innovation is driven by change. As lives have evolved in the past year, so has thinking around points and rewards. Understanding what it means to truly engage customers, and applying data and technology to drive sales, satisfaction and loyalty is good for the entire ecosystem—driving value for consumers, merchants, advertisers and the fin-tech partners that support all involved.



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