Deposit cash-back credits to consumers' bank accounts with a simple API call. Set up card-linked offers for specific merchants with ease. Pentadata Loyalty simplifies every step of the loyalty process so you can implement new loyalty programs quickly and impactfully.

Pentadata Loyalty?


Better Cash/Points Back

More efficiently attract, reward, and engage your app users with our simple cash-back API. It works with any app, any user, any bank — any time.


It's Easy

With our cash-back API your consumers can receive cashback for offers the same day, and it’s nearly free. Cash-back payment capabilities provided by networks and banks are often expensive, time-consuming and difficult to use. We know, we’ve tried them, which is why we offer something better.


Same Day Cash

Your users get cashback the same day you send it, for a small API fee. For free you can send cashback within 3 days via any US bank, any debit card.

How does it work?


Identify a merchant and their payment processing ID simply by providing their name.


Pentadata lets companies monetize their data and securely access data for online-to-offline commerce applications.

Loyalty Features

Checking Account - Bnkly X Webflow Template

Card-Linked Offers

Create card-linked offer programs for your customers at specific merchants.

Credit Cards - Bnkly X Webflow Template

Cash-Back Credits

Deposit cash-back credits to consumers’ bank account with a simple API call