Connecting consumer apps to payments and financial data

Pentadata’s secure data platform and API is brought to you in collaboration with the largest payment companies in the world.

Pentadata APIs


Tranzactionz ™

Access a consumer’s card transactions and banking information, all in one place, instantly.


MCCMatch ™ & Merchantsight ™

Identify a merchant and their payment processing ID simply by providing their name. With our sophisticated AI, we can categorize more than 90% of the transactions with accuracy above 90%


Paymeback ™

Deposit cash-back credits to consumers’ bank account with a simple API call



Authenticate your customers identity instantly with a real-time API call. View credit and income score for each verified customer.

If you’re a payments company, Pentadata allows you to deliver better value-added services to your merchants and consumers. How? By allowing payment card data to be used for loyalty, card-linking and many other services.

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Use Cases

Measurement Data

Measurement and attribution for both online and offline card-linked offers and digital marketing campaigns.

Personal Financial Management

Empower users to manage their finances with their own financial data.

Consumer Targeting/Re-Targeting Data

Use consumer-specific data to target digital offers to the right prospect at the right time.

Card-Linked Offers

Enable consumers to receive targeted discounts using their payment card.

Standardized Merchant ID

Enhance merchant identification and on-boarding processes.


Quick API Access

Build an app using our data in minutes.


Data Quality

Access high quality and comprehensive data covering most consumers bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and financial information.


Machine Learning Signals

Benefit from sophisticated data signals enriching your insights about consumers and merchants.


Cost Effective

Get better data faster, at the best cost, with simple predictable pricing. Access starts as low as $500 per month.

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