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Pentadata’s secure machine learning data platform and API is brought to you in collaboration with the largest financial and payment companies in the world.

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Latest News

March 23, 2022

So You Want to Develop A Fintech App: Overview


Not long ago, when a person got paid for work, they were paid with an actual physical check that was handed to them from their employer, that they then had to go to the physical bank to deposit […]

March 9, 2022

Get Paid for Your Data


As most of us are keenly aware, inflation soared last year in the United States, rates reaching as high as 9.1% at one point last summer. With increases of prices on daily necessities – basic […]

February 23, 2022

Data + Merchants & Consumers


Data. Do you hear the word and yawn, or does the idea of data make you excited with the endless possibilities it can open up? In this blog article, we hope to convince you that data isn’t the […]

Pentadata Platform Use Case Capabilities

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Build your great app with our tools and access data signals generated by machine-learning models trained by over 1B+ data points!


Tranzactionz ™

Access a consumer’s card transactions and banking information, all in one place, instantly.


MCCMatch ™ & Merchantsight ™

Identify a merchant and their payment processing ID simply by providing their name. With our sophisticated AI, we can categorize more than 90% of the transactions with accuracy above 90%


Paymeback ™

Deposit cash-back credits to consumers’ bank account with a simple API call



Authenticate your customers identity instantly with a real-time API call. View credit and income score for each verified customer.


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