FIS Integrates APIs with Pentadata

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Pentadata Inc., leading the industry with the first fully secured API-based financial data platform, today announced it has signed and integrated its secure APIs with the largest processing and payments company in the world , FIS.

Pentadata continues to add partnerships with leading financial institutions, credit bureaus, payment networks, and payment processors to provide the most reliable and complete consumer financial data available in the North American market today. The partnership with FIS will give consumers linked to the Pentadata platform more options on how they can use the rewards they earn from different platforms on everyday spending.

Pentadata allows payment program developers to build applications that access financial data from bank accounts and credit cards with permission from account owners. Both organizations—FIS and Pentadata—stand against unauthorized access of usernames and passwords.

“Our company believes that data ownership belongs to the consumer. That belief has driven the way we do business since day one,” says Pietro Grandinetti, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of Pentadata. “We seek out partnerships with leaders like FIS who share our commitment to consumers’ right to privacy, and recognize that account holders should be the ones who benefit from use of their data.”

Pentadata and FIS share a belief not only in consumer rights to control access of their data, but the importance of loyalty programs across the financial services supply chain. Whether card-linked offers or pay with points, loyalty programs help financial institutions gain top-of-wallet card status, help merchants engage with customers and build loyalty, and help consumers save money.

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