Deleting Resources - Pentadata API User Guide

Deleting Resources

This user guide explains how to delete resources using the API. By the term "resource" we refer to any of Person, Account, Card, Merchant, etc.

Deleting a Single Account

You should do this when a consumer requests it. Use the endpoint DELETE /accounts/:id

The Account in point may not be deleted from the data source, due to how the OAuth tokenization works.

Delete all Accounts in a Bank-login

A "Bank-login" is the user authorized session that gives grants access to a set of accounts, all under the same login at a bank. Data sources may return a token to authorize all Accounts in that login (and Pentadata never gets the login credentials anyways).

To delete all such Accounts use DELETE /accounts/:id/bank.

Delete all banking data

Occasionally you want to remove all bank's data for a Person, for instance to later remove that same Person altogether. This endpoints will remove all Accounts and Bank-login sessions for the given Person.

To do so, use the DELETE /persons/:id/banking endpoint.

Delete UGetMe data (Auth, Income, Credit)

When you use the POST /persons/:id/authenticate, POST /persons/:id/verify and GET /persons/:id/income, we authenticate that Person information and can provide you with personal data such as income, old credit accounts, and more.

To delete all this resources, use DELETE /persons/:id/report.

Delete a Person

If you want to delete a Person completely, then use DELETE /persons/:id.

Note: You must have run DELETE /persons/:id/banking and DELETE /persons/:id/report before, or the request will fail with a 400 status code (if any banking or report data is still attached to the Person).

Note: Be cautious when deleting resources, especially when handling personal data, to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.