API Documentation

GET /subscribers

This is the endpoint that you can use to fetch the overall status of your account. It will show several pieces of information, including your API key and your current usage of each product.


Authorization Bearer {JWT}


id int. Your user ID
email string
first_name string
last_name string
phone string
company_name string
company_address string
company_postal_code string
company_city string
company_state string
company_country string
api_key string
alert_token string
products JSON object
products.auth JSON object
products.auth.is_active boolean
products.auth.monthly_limit int
products.auth.monthly_count int
products.transactions JSON object
products.transactions.is_active boolean
products.transactions.monthly_limit int
products.transactions.monthly_count int
products.merchant_id JSON object
products.merchant_id.is_active boolean
products.merchant_id.monthly_limit int
products.merchant_id.monthly_count int
mfa_enabled boolean. True if you have activated MFA to login.
mfa_channel string. Null if mfa_enabled is false.