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POST /cards

This endpoint adds a card in your account, giving access to transactions and auth.

NOTE. This endpoint is currently disabled. For linking credit and debit cards use POST /accounts instead.


Name Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {token}



Key Required Comment
pan Yes String. The card number (“primary account number”).
first_name Yes String
last_name Yes String
exp_month Yes Int. Valid are 1, 6, 12. Non valid: 01, 04.
exp_year Yes Int (4-digits)
cvv Yes String
person_id Yes Int. The ID of a person you created via POST /persons.
consent No Deprecated. Use ConsumerConsent instead.
postal_code Yes String



Name Value
card_id The id to refer this card.

Status Code


Code Comment
201 OK, card enrolled
400 Input data not correct
401 User not authorized

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