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POST /merchants/mcc

This endpoint predict the MCC (Merchant Category Code) given information about a transaction record.


Name Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {JWT}


Key Required Comment
merchantText Yes string. The text string found on the card statement.
tnxAmount No float. The transaction amount
postalCode No string. Card holder postal code.



Name Value
mcc JSON object
mcc[“1”] The most likely MCC
mcc[“1”][“code”] The merchant category code
mcc[“1”][“category”] The merchant category in text form
mcc[“2”] The second most likely MCC
mcc[“2”][“code”] The merchant category code
mcc[“2”][“category”] The merchant category in text form
mcc[“3”] The third most likely MCC
mcc[“3”][“code”] The merchant category code
mcc[“3”][“category”] The merchant category in text form

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