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POST /persons/:id/authenticate

Send consumer PII to verify identity. This will return set of authentication questions used to verify the consumer.


Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {token}


Key Required Comment
first_name Yes str
last_name Yes str.
address Yes str
city Yes str
postal_code Yes str
state Yes str
country Yes str
ssn Yes str. Last 4 digits of the social security number.
dob Yes str. YYYY-MM-DD.
phone Yes str


Key Value
questions JSON. Authentication questions used for /persons/:id/verify
questions[].questionId Required for /persons/:id/verify
questions[].fullQuestionText Question text to display to the consumer
questions[].answerChoice JSON array
questions[].answerChoice[].answerChoiceText The text to display as answer option.
questions[].answerChoice[].answerId Required for /persons/:id/verify
fulfillment_key Required for /persons/:id/verify
authenticated Boolean value.

Status Code

Code Comment
200 Request OK. Return set of questions with fulfillment_key.
202 Request OK. Person is authenticated (no security questions needed).
400 Error in payload.
401 Personal information belong to a different person.
403 Cannot authenticate this information.

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