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Payments data (that is, transactions), is likely to have a central role in your application. It does in our API too, so much that we have a product dedicated to it.


  1. Get transactions from a bank account you’ve enrolled: GET /accounts/:id/transactions

Transaction parameters

All transactions endpoints support query parameters, such as:

  • fromDate, string, format: YYYYMMDD, UTC
  • toDate, string, format: YYYYMMDD, UTC
  • limitoffset, integer, to paginate the result
  • pending, true/false, if you are looking for authorization (true), or settlement (false)

For instance, a request may look like

GET /accounts/:id/transactions?fromDate=20200101&toDate=20200201&limit=100

The result from both endpoints is a list of json objects. 

Create transactions

In the sandbox only, we’ve enabled the possibility to create transactions. It should help you develop your application and do some round of tests.

The request is POST /transactions. Be sure to check the reference for this endpoint at this page.

Everything you do with this request will only affect your profile in the sandbox. Test it without fear of breaking anything.

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